Once you have submitted your online registration please contact Audrey at 604 542 6054 to arrange payment.

Full equipment including stick and neck guard must be worn on ice at all times.

No refunds or credits will be made. It is the participants responsibility to fill the space if unable to attend for whatever reason this includes injury or illness during the camp. Service charges: Class transfers or changes $50.00 administration fee. Returned or NSF cheques $50.00 administration fee. Remember to record the date and times of your classes! Confirmation will be emailed to you. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND SIGN: The applicant and or parent/guardian has read, understood and agrees that AUDREY BAKEWELL POWER SKATING SCHOOLS, AUDREY BAKEWELL SKATING ENTERPRISES INC., instructors, and/or proprietors, facilities and grounds will not be held responsible for any accident, injury or loss however caused and agrees to release the proprietors from all claims which may arise as a result of, or by reason of, such accidents or loss and are fully aware of the refund and cancellation policy. I agree to the use of any pictures or video taken at the camp for use by Audrey Bakewell for marketing or promotion without reimbursement. The AUDREY BAKEWELL POWER SKATING PROGRAM is the property of Audrey Bakewell and no reproduction in any form is allowed. Power or figure skating coaches viewing the program must pay a viewing fee as determined by Audrey Bakewell. We reserve the right to request any applicant to withdraw from the school prior to its termination if we feel the participant is not acting in a reasonable matter. I would like to receive future mailing regarding the AUDREY BAKEWELL POWER SKATING SCHOOL or any programs related to it. DUE TO ARENA REGULATIONS AND POLICY OF THE POWER SKATING SCHOOL NO ELECTRONICS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED IN THE ARENA. I AGREE TO LEAVE all electronics including CELL PHONES, CAMERAS, VIDEO EQUIPMENT, MP3'S, IPODS ETC outside of the facility.