If a class is a combination class for example Stride/Defensive Skating Camp then read the descriptions under Stride/Agility/Acceleration and Defensive/Backward Skating. Many parents ask how many classes their child should take during the summer. My answer is take as many as you can. It takes 21 days to train a muscle, with repetition we try to decrease this time, the more you can train the better. To become a good athlete you have to love to learn and train. The summer is a great time to improve your skills for next season!

Puck handling, passing, shooting and game strategy drills are included in all programs. Overload and overspeed training is used to increase the players comfort zone at a high speed. Hockey drills are performed at various speeds using interval training. The length of the drill simulates bursts of energy used in a game. FULL EQUIPMENT INCLUDING STICK AND NECK GUARD ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL CLASSES. All USA and PRO players must provide their own insurance. Players usually take two classes when offered for their age category.

High Performance Power Skating

Skills are taught progressively in three phases: flexibility, power and agility. This basic program establishes balance, posture, technique and then applies the skill to the game using game strategy drills. Generally day one consists of warm up and backward, day two - crossovers, day three - turns, day four -stride and agility and day five - tight turns. This is not a learn to skate program. Players should be able to perform backward crossovers.

Defensive / Backward Skating - open to all positions: defensemen, forwards, goalies

This advanced program focuses on establishing trunk stability when skating backward and controlling the upper body so that the player does not telegraph what his next move is. The player will learn to shift laterally and back in without committing to the offense. Backing in square up to the opposition, breaking heel to heel, crossovers, turning and tight turns will be focused on. Forwards are encouraged to take this camp as much as defensemen so that they can easily cover that position during a game. This program is great for goalies because the adductor and abductor muscle development is emphasized. These are muscles most players do not specifically train so 'conditioning without knowing it' occurs in this class! THIS CLASS IS A MUST FOR PLAYERS WHO WANT TO MARKET THEMSELVES AS BEING ABLE TO PLAY MORE THAN ONE POSITION!

Stride / Agility / Acceleration

This advanced program focuses on core training to establish flexibility, posture, stability, balance, coordination, extension, knee bend, footwork, quickness, strength, maneuverability and technique. Training of acceleration from the ball of the foot, return of the released foot under the center of gravity, width of the stride base and heel kick analysis will be repetitive varying from slow motion to full speed. Training in slow motion demonstrates whether the player controls his body or his body controls him. Sprint cords will be used in most classes